Conference Table

The Integra Series delivers high functionality, able to meet the most demanding electrical and data requirements, at a value price.


Easily meets any electrical and networking requirements.
Large storage area in center trough.
High durability from wear and tear due to the high grade laminate and extruded aluminum bases.

Integra Conference Tables

The Integra Series delivers high functionality at a value price.

Each hide-away center trough is large enough to put additional power strips, network routers, and other electrical devices to meet the most demanding electrical and data requirements.

Commercial-grade laminate ensures exceptional durability against dents and scratches. The elliptical bases are constructed with extruded aluminum for durability and a high-tech design.


Includes data/electrical outlets.
Butterfly access doors on top make it easy to access the outlets and stow away unwanted cables.
Huge capacity trough to store routers/hubs etc.
Perforated elliptical bases with full length wire management trough end to end.
Available in boat & race track shape.
Available in 8 different laminate finishes.