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Office Cubicles and Office Workstations

Office cubicle furniture has evolved into a fashion statement thanks to innovative designs offered by a variety of manufacturers and available through full service office planners, installers, and support service organizations such as EQA Office Furniture.

Colorful, attractive and flexible workstations with high aesthetic appeal characterize today's designs and are offered by leading manufacturers including MAiSPACE and Herman Miller. Indeed, with today's variety of designs and flexible structural systems, smartly styled office cubicle furniture has become fully acceptable by businesses as a complete office furnishing solution across the employee spectrum including the executive suite.

Based on the systems concept of using structural framing and snap-on paneling, office cubicle furniture provides business and facility managers with unparalleled flexibility in tailoring workstations to the size of tasks being performed. For example, at one end is a basic 4' x 2' discount cubicle produced by Herman Miller that can be used by visitors or prospective employees to fill out forms. Sizes and layouts can vary in an almost unlimited progression, but a typical example is an 8' x 12' configuration containing a built-in conference worktable.

Office workstation furniture designs also support collaborative work environments where two or more staff members can team on projects. As with cubicles, they are provided with office chairs and either attached or freestanding office desks.

Today many office cubicle furniture manufacturers such as MAiSPACE offer a stunning array of colors in rugged fabric and painted or polished steel panel elements that can be employed by designers to delineate functional areas throughout the office or simply provide coordinated colors that are light years away from the "Dilbertesque" vistas so common in the past. Wall heights can also be varied to provide more privacy than offered by typical 4' high configurations. Other attractive office workstation design options include clear, frosted or patterned glass panels that provide privacy without occupants feeling shut in. Sliding glass doors are another option in the more advanced office cubicle furniture designs.

Another design element welcomed by staff is a work surface in wood tone laminate such as cherry or maple, and with rounded corners and cascaded edges for comfort. Trim that contrasts with panels and other furnishing elements is a further indicator of attractively styled cubicle design.

Ample provision of storage space is an important feature of office workstations. The paperless society has yet to arrive, although more and more documentation is stored electronically. Nevertheless, filing drawers along with wall-mounted shelves and storage bins should be considered when selecting office cubicle furniture and they are also necessary for the storage of employees' personal items.

Cabling for voice, data and power is a critical design consideration when evaluating options in office cubicle furniture. Here is where many systems furniture manufacturers fail to anticipate the frequent moves, adds and changes characteristic of today's office landscape. New or altered connections to the office local area network as well as to outside locations should be accomplished quickly without disrupting ongoing business operations. Cabling systems connecting workstation telephone and data ports as well as electrical systems that power lighting and computers are governed by codes and should be easy to manage using on-site personnel. MAiSPACE, for example, has addressed cabling issues head on with its patented plug-and-play voice, data and power management configuration.

Business owners should put together a features check list before shopping for office cubicle furniture. In addition to considerations recommended here, look as well for delivery guarantees and performance warranties. Office cubicle furniture is an important investment not only in setting a company's persona but also in contributing to employee satisfaction.