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Reception Desks

It is said that there is no opportunity to make a second first impression. That is why a company's reception area furniture is so important. Reception desks and associated reception area furniture including seating, tables and decorations immediately create the first impression for visitors, be they customers, prospects or potential employees.

Reception areas must be welcoming and the decor - the selection of components and accents - must fit the image a company wants to project says Bruce Mallett of EQA Office Furniture. For example, investment houses and law firms generally prefer conservative designs, while high technology firms might look to light-colored wood and fabrics with sparkling glass or polished metal accents.

Other than comfortable seating and attractive accents, a special touch that makes visitors feel welcome are guest office cubicles, perhaps with clear or frosted glass walls for added privacy, that can be used as touch-down stations. These let visitors to plug in their laptop and catch up with business while waiting for their appointment. Coffee and end tables with current newspapers and magazines show visitors that the company appreciates them stopping by.

Regardless of the reception desk selected, it should complement secretary desks, office desks and office chairs used elsewhere in the business. This provides an atmosphere of continuity when visiting a member of the company staff rather than surprises that could occur with diverse designs scattered about the office floor plan.

EQA's purchasing power and variety of suppliers allow it to provide receptionist desks in a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges. An example is the more traditionally styled Bridgeport series with marble or veneer counters welcomed by guest who need to fill out forms or otherwise exchange documents with the receptionist. Available in straight or right or left "L" construction, these receptionist desks feature beautiful light or dark wood grain finishes.

A modernist option is achieved with the sleek, stylish Lakewood series in "V", "L" or "U" configurations and featuring frosted glass panels and polished counter supports. Available wood grains are crimson, bourbon, congress and clear.

Other designs are the contemporary Newport series in a variety of rugged laminate finishes; Providence reception counters and desks in cherry wood grain, the elegant yet simple Trenton reception counter in cherry or mocha, and the Madison desk in cherry or maple.

Regardless of the design, these reception desks are fitted with wire management systems and ample storage facilities including filing cabinets and shelving to keep work surfaces litter free.

When selecting a reception desk, size is important so that it fits comfortably in the reception area, neither dominating nor lost as a design element. When required by the nature of the business, reception desks can be large enough to accommodate more than one user. EQA's space planning experts are available to assist customers in selecting the proper reception desks and chairs in keeping with the size of the reception area and image companies wish to project.

Affordable pricing, leasing options, deliveries within 5 - 7 days of order, and satisfaction warranties are part of the service package.

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